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I really should continue this series! I have the Mummy and Wolfman now…

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globaldeflowering said: what sculpt is your jungle princess doll?

She is the 3 eyed ghoul from the Monster High Create A Monster pack. Her third eye is not painted and under her hair. :)

milklegs said: this blog is killing me!!! adventure time and dolls are two of my fave things GOD BLESS YOU

Thanks! Mine too! The Adventure Time dolls are a bit of an illness, I am feeling very gotta-catch-‘em-all about the princesses. I’ve also got Flame Princess, Gumball and Marshall Lee in the works. It’s ridiculous.

"It’s over, you psycho!"

Jungle Princess!

Dark and light…

Meanwhile, Peebles found the perfect dress.

Doce, a Calavera by Kat Caro of Melancholy Kitties

make believe

make believe